Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Soooo Tired

I'm so tired of all the negative news the liberal media is reporting about President Bush. Sometimes it makes me so tired that I need to lie down and go to sleep. When I wake up, I'm so tired that I get up and go take a nap for a while.
It makes me tired to turn off the TV so I keep it on all the time. But having TV on all the time makes me tired and sleepy too. I think the news is the cause of my lethargic state. I can't switch off CNN because that makes me so very tired just trying. So I just keep CNN on, becoming more drained with each exhausting segment.
It is with great effort that I write these words today. If CNN would only stop reporting these horrible lies about the greatest intellectual president of the 21st century, I just might snap out of my pathetic state.
But for CNN to stop the negative reporting about the president, he may need to do something a little bit wacky, like taking ballet lessons on live TV once a week. That would be weird to see but I bet his own reality show would divert the attention of the press really quick and maybe, just maybe, little boys and girls all over the country would start taking ballet class which in turn, could only help the economy via an obvious "trickle down" effect.
Viva La Difference!


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